Cash Management

With Community Bank’s Cash Management service you can conveniently process ACH collections, ACH payments and Payroll Direct Deposits without the typical ACH origination fees charged by other banks. 

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Automate payroll procedures to reduce the time associated with processing paper checks and employee reports. Payroll Direct Deposit offers your employees immediate access to their hard-earned income.


Prearranged Deposits (ACH Payment)

Our Cash Management service allows you to pay anyone that accepts electronic payments. All you need to set up a payment is the payee’s account number and bank routing number.


Prearranged Payments (ACH Collection)

Cash Management at Community Bank will allow you to collect payments electronically. This works very well for businesses that need to collect rent, dues, donations, etc.


Funds Transfer Services

Initiate transfers anytime, anywhere. Community Bank offers secure transfer service through our Internet Banking/Cash Management product.


Remote Deposit Capture

Your business can save time and money by using Remote Deposit Capture. With this system, you can electronically deposit scanned checks through a secure internet connection from the convenience of your office or shop. Scanned checks are processed as usual, and you receive a deposit receipt. Taking advantage of remote deposit capture through Community Bank virtually eliminates the need to make deposits in person and can provide more efficient cash management for your business.



  • Reduce costs and save time. Courier, transportation and insurance expenses decrease with reduced physical transportation of checks. You can also deposit when it's convenient for you.
  • Consolidate banking relationships. If your organization has multiple locations, checks from each location can be scanned and sent to one account. You will no longer need multiple local banking relationships with the corresponding fees.
  • Improve cash flow. You can increase efficiency with faster deposits, quicker access to funds and faster collection of returned items.
  • Ensure security. A secure, encrypted connection provides privacy and accuracy along with an audit trail for tracking and recording. You may experience fewer data entry errors and lower risk of check fraud or loss. You can also assign varying access levels to users within your company.
  • Work Greener. Remote deposit capture eliminates greenhouse gases by decreasing trips to the bank and eliminating physical transportation of checks throughout processing.

Remote Deposit Capture through Community Bank is easy to implement and brings you convenience and savings. To learn more about how this service can work for you, call a business banker at any Community Bank location today.

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