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Our convenient and secure Online Banking provides a snapshot of your entire relationship with us, so you can efficiently manage your business’s finances through a flexible, user-friendly interface.



Automate payroll procedures to reduce the time associated with processing paper checks and employee reports. Payroll Direct Deposit offers your employees immediate access to their hard earned income by depositing it directly into their bank account.

Prearranged Payment (ACH Collection)

Allows you to collect payments electronically. This works very well for businesses that need to collect rent, dues, donations, etc.

Prearranged Deposits (ACH Payment)

Allows you to pay anyone that accepts electronic payments. All you need to set up a payment is the payee’s account number and bank routing number.

Funds Transfer Services

Initiate transfers anytime, anywhere; Community Bank offers secure transfer service through our Internet Banking.

Quickbooks / Quicken

Web Connect allows you to maintain your bank records with one click of the mouse! Just open your accounting software and import your bank activity with a click! Everything self-populates into the proper category, streamlining your accounting duties quickly and efficiently.


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